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King Xavier of Maynet doesn't believe in love: he's had enough experience to know it can't be trusted. But he does believe in duty and knows he'll choose a wife as tradition dictates. However, when his late brother's widow joins him on a month-long royal tour of Maynet he develops feelings for her deeper than anything he's ever known or believed possible, and he finds himself spending more time thinking about her than any prospective bride.

Princess Katerina won't ever risk her heart again after the humiliation of her marriage. Instead, she's dedicating her life to the betterment of her beloved adopted country, Maynet. Yet she finds herself attracted to Xavier in a way that threatens all her careful plans, and the more time they spend together the stronger their connection gets.

As time runs out for Xavier to choose a wife, will he realise what he feels for Katerina is love and that she's more important than any tradition? Can Katerina trust herself and her feelings for Xavier and demand what she truly deserves, someone who loves her?


The Billionaire's Christmas Deal

The sleepy seaside town of Kissing Point comes alive at Christmas when it fills to the brim with holidaymakers, longing for warm summer nights and sparkling ocean waves. But Christmas-hating billionaire Henry Chancer, has no time for anything other than work - lots of it - to escape the ghosts of his past. What he doesn't count on is Connie, his tinsel-loving temporary assistant, and the impossible yearning for festive joy she inspires in his shattered heart.

The Billionaire's Christmas Deal

Cold and creamy, with a multitude of flavours, who doesn’t love an ice cream on a hot summers’ day? Or even lashed with warm chocolate fudge in winter? In a sundae, with hot apple pie, or in a spider. Ice creams and daydreams of love, oh my!

RWA Sweet Treats Short Story Anthology
2022 - Ice-cream
Sam's Secret by Clare Miles

RWA Sweet Treats Short Story Anthology
2021 - Chocolate
Pippa's Secret by Clare Miles

Peel back the wrapper on this book for fifteen delicious morsels of romance with a little chocolate on the side. From the Earth to the moon, historical tales to current day adventures, these stories are the type of candy your dentist would approve.


Winner of Australian Romance Readers of Australia Favourite Romance Anthology Award 2021.

Sweet Treats -Chocolate - Book Cover.jpg
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